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Are You interested in joining a witches coven but live to far from any group.Don't know any witches in your area or are unable tohonour the Lord and Lady freely in your country. Then we have the ideal solution for you. As lockdown came into bieng, Wicca Moon became aware that the need for conectivity to our brothers and sisters in the pagan comunity.  

From October the 30th we will be Honouring the Gods and Goddesses of tour ancient lands through our new online coven. We invite you to come with an open heart and the soul of a true explorer, together we will be creating a witches circle  where we will be guided by High Priests and priestesses of the old craft and  be immersed into the mysteries of the great work. Once you inrole then details will be sent to you eplaining what will be needed to create your first (Or not) altar.