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Wicca Moons school of witchery is a self study course that will take you from your first steps on the path of witchcraft and, with time and study to a spell casting, broomstick riding,cauldron stirring witch.

Each lesson is geared towards you progressing your skills and there is something to learn for everyone. Each lesson should take you one month of working daily to gain a working knowledge of the subject, We will post each of your 9 modules once a month until compleated.

lesson 1   What is Magick and Walking the wheel of the year.

lesson 2   You, your senses and magick

lesson 3   The art of colour, magickal glamoury, moon phases and                   planets.

lesson 4   The psychic and the witch.

lesson 5   Divination

lesson 6  Magickal charms, amulets and talismans.

lesson 7  Wand crafting.

lesson 8  Oghams.

lesson 9  Elemental magick.

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